FERRUCCIO LAMBORGHINI Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini was born into rich farmer at Renazzo near Cento north of Bologna on April 28, 1916. He had been interested in machines since childhood and he went into the Institute of Technology. After graduation in 1939 he was conscripted and charged in maintenance. In 1944 he was taken prisoner and two year later he backed home.
He utilized the experience in his army life he started the business selling modified tractors which army released. In 1949 he established Lamborghini Trattrice company produced tractors and he became a succeeded businessman.

Ferruccio organized companies producing boilers and air-conditioners in 1960,and three years later he established motor company. Lamborghini became well-known worldwide after presentation of Miura in 1966. But the company was in difficult position as big orders for tractors were cancelled because of Bolivia disturbance in 1971.
Ferruccio sold his tractor company and a half of stocks of motor company then he tried to recover his company, however, due to oil-shock he sold all stocks and retired in 1974.

FERRUCCIO LAMBORGHINI After left automobili industries Ferruccio did his best to produce wine which he already started in 1970. His vineyard is located at lakeside of (Trasimeno) in central Italy. He spent time and money, he selected suitable soil and breed and his wine was admired for its wonderful taste.
Late in his life, he developed resort institution but he died on February 20, 1993.

Many people admire hot-blooded Italiano Ferruccio and bossy disposition.There are still many admirers of Ferruccio in every companies of Lamborghini.

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