Racing Countach Racing Countach
Modified normal Countach (25th Anniversary) to lightweight and fitted racing brake and tyres only.

Diablo Jota Diablo Jota
Diablo Jota, which is running in the series 1995. Car name was Diablo Corsa atfirst, but it was formally permitted the name of Jota by Lamborghini company by a requested from Japan side.

Diablo GT-1 Diablo GT-1
An engine of Diablo GT-1 was produced especially during canceled production of engines in Lamborghini factory at one time.

Diablo JGT-1 Diablo JGT-1
April 12, 2001, the announcement of race participation plan and the latest model at Hotel Westin Nagoya Castle, and Diablo JGT-1 was presented

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